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The Quest to find the missing document.

It’s Monday morning in computer class, the Quest trainer asks us to start.

(It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday

The regular crowd shuffles in)

Oh dear, there goes my mind. I start singing “Piano Man” in my head.

Gird up your thoughts Veronica!

She tells us to open the document we were working on yesterday. Well, that should be easy.

I click on the icon at the bottom of my screen that looks like an open file. Up pops a few files on my left hand side – but not mine.

I know it was a MS Word document and it was saved with my name but I cannot see it. I see another icon that says “browse”. Okay, so let me browse and see if this computer can find it for me. I click on “browse. Once again a number of documents appear. They don’t seem to be in alphabetical order, maybe they are in date order. The trainer tells me to click above the date and they are now in date order.

The most recent documents are on the top but still not mine.

The trainer says I must try clicking on “search” where you see the picture of the magnifying glass. I type in my name and the name I used to save the document and press enter”. Well that sound simple!

I do as instructed. Another box pops up asking me where I want to search. Obviously I don’t know where I want to search because I wouldn’t be searching if I knew where it was! The poor trainer, who is now getting rather frustrated says, “Search in all documents” or the date you saved it in.

My Quest for the missing document is over.

Someone had deleted it and it was sitting int the “Recycle Bin”. I am told I can now “restore it’.

I click on restore and it is now in my recent documents. Well I think it is.

So tomorrow I will try again to find another document that I have saved.

Wish me luck!!!

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