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From a student's perspective

From day one everything went great. I first found out about Quest Computer Skills Centre in the Kempton Express. We just moved to Gauteng from the Eastern Cape. I had no job and a little experience. I phoned Quest to find out what the Office Admin course requires. The lady I spoke to was kind, helpful and so nice. She was so understanding and explained everything step-by-step.

First day, I need to go enrol. So, me not being from Gauteng obviously got lost. Again, I need to phone Quest find out where I actually am and how am I going to get to where I’m supposed to be (It felt like I was in a totally different country), but as always Quest made my day. Nataleen directed me to where I had to be. Finally after about an hour I arrive at Quest.

Enrolling for my course was as easy as one, two and three. I filled in my enrollment form and they showed me around. Great environment, friendly staff and when you see Quest for the first time the place looks so small but when you actually get to see the inside, one word WOW.

First day of class, everyone is nervous and nobody’s saying a word. But, when our trainer Vuyo walked in everything changed. Vuyo is one of the best trainers, she makes you feel so welcome. You just know when Vuyo comes into class you will be working hard and there is always time for a laugh or two.

On our last day Nataleen came to our class to congratulate us on having the best class overall marks. She made such a great speech that we all came back for the Bookkeeping and Pastel class. This time around we had Sally as our trainer we really thought Vuyo was the only happy chappie (because we only had class with her) but, we were wrong. Sally is just as friendly and loud as Vuyo.

I will always recommend Quest to anyone and everyone. Quest staff is always friendly and always helpful. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for helping me gaining more knowledge and always being friendly.

Sent to us by one off our previous students (Course completed October 2017)

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Just wanna ask please that how much is to train for Data Capture.I was scrolling over the system and come across a post that was last updated 2019,just to know a currently price

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