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My best Shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel

Use short cuts in Microsoft Excel to work more effective. A productive way to work in Excel is to keep your hands on the keyboard. You loose time everytime that you lift your hand from the keyboard to use the mouse.

Ctrl Home: goto cell A1

Ctrl End: goto last captured data

Esc key: to undo your changes whilst still in a cell

Shift + Arrow Keys: to select a range of cells

F2 Cell Changes to Edit mode (works lovely if you are editing email addresses)

F4 Repeats last function (try it a few times to get the feel for it, does not always work the first time)

F11 Quick Chart (just select area to be charted and press F11, pretty useless, but it impresses people)

F12 Save As

Ctrl x = cut, Crtl c = copy, Ctrl v = paste

Ctrl s = save as, Crtl p = print

My favourite short cut: Ctrl ~ shows the formulas in your Excel spreadsheet. Press Ctrl ~ to switch back.

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