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Minutes of Meeting

Meetings are notorious for eating up people’s time.

Here are some ways of ensuring that time is not wasted in meetings.

· Start on time

· Don’t recap what you’ve done for late comers.

· State a finish time and don’t over-run.

· Arrange agenda topics in order of importance to stick to the finishing time.

Remember before the meeting:

· Choose your minute taking tool. (always have a spare)

· Draw a minute’s template / outline up beforehand. Make sure there’s blank space to record your notes.

Make sure your minutes answers these 10 questions:

1. When was the meeting?

2. Who attended?

3. Who did not attend? (If this information is required)

4. What topics were discussed?

5. What was decided?

6. What actions were agreed upon?

7. Who is to complete the actions, by when?

8. Were materials distributed at the meeting? If so, are copies or a link available?

9. Is there anything special the reader of the minutes should know or do?

10. Is a follow-up meeting scheduled? If so, when, where, why?

From Quest Minutes.

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