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Inside the trainer’s mind

Today our new Bookkeeping and Pastel course started, and I’m already feeling nervous. It’s always the case when you start a new group.

Okay, introductions done let’s get started…

First page done (at the back of my mind I’m thinking: “am I going too fast, or do they think I’m going too slow” but I’m not going to ask them though).

Right first Exercise: I try to explain in the best possible way. (Nobody is asking me questions; damn did I explain that everyone understood, or does no one want to ask me questions?)

We start marking the exercise, but you can see some students faces tells you more than they want to. “Any questions before we continue to the next exercise?” No answer. At the back of my mind: I’m screaming please ask me a question…

Finally, after break time one of my students raise their hands and ask me a question. I’m so happy I want to jump and scream “YES, FINALLY.” I go stand next to the lovely lady who broke the silence and asked me the first question and start explaining. I explain to the whole class.

I really think that was the ice breaker because then the questions started.

(The more questions our students ask the better the class, I want everyone to understand and pass the test).

End of the lesson and everyone’s mentally tired. I thank the class and ask them to go through their manuals up to where we got at home and to please write down any questions they have and to bring it in tomorrow.

I go on by saying: “if they don’t want the rest of the class to know they asked the question, they can write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the office.” I will come and answer the question and explain it again to the entire class.

Sometimes one student will be to shy to ask a question, but then another student ask’s the same question which they were wondering about. We as trainers love to answer the questions because we know then, the student learnt something.

We love to communicate, and we don’t like to talk to ourselves.

Regards, one of Quest’s Trainers.😃

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