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How to use VLOOKUP

Type the following in Excel:


102 Milk 22.36

103 Eggs 25.88

104 Flour 33.92

105 Sugar 38.22

106 Biscuits 22.33

· Create a new file in Excel, and type the following:

Code Description

· Click in cell B2 where information is required eg. Description

· Click on Insert function

In the Insert Function Window

· Click on VLOOKUP

· Click on OK

In VLOOKUP window

1. Type A2 in Lookup_value

2. Click in Table_array

3. Click on Red Arrow at right side

4. Click on file Your name Jack’s Price List in Taskbar to open it

5. Select A1:C20 (to allow for more entries), ENTER or x

6. Click in Col_index_num

7. Type: 2 (column no. where match is to be found)

8. Click in Range_lookup

9. Type false for exact match

10. Click on OK

11. Drag formula down using fill handle

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