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How to Mail Merge

From Microsoft office training Johannesburg:

Task A – Type the following in Excel

Name Amount Date

John 100 '10 July

Sally 1000 '20 July

Mary 50 '10 Aug

Alex 5000 '22 July

- Save as: your name table

- Close

Task B – Type the following in LETTER in Microsoft Word





Using Mail Merge

- Click on Mailings Tab

- Click on the down arrow under Start Mail Merge

- Click on letter

- Click on Select Recipients

- Click on Use an Existing List

- On the left side Click on Desktop

- On the right side look for file “your name table”

- Click on Open

- Click on OK

- Click after “DEAR” make a space.

- Click on Insert Merge Field

- Click on Name

- Click after the "R", make a space

- Click on Insert Merge Field

- Click on Amount

- Click after the "ON", make a space

- Click on Insert Merge Field

- Click on Date

- Click on Finish & Merge

- Edit Individual Documents

- Click on All

- Click on OK

Also see Excel Training Johannesburg

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