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Dealing with Difficult Debtors

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Understanding and Interpreting Debtor’s Needs

  1. · Listen to his/her whole story. LET him/her FINISH!

  2. · Repeat his problem in order to assure him that you have listened.

  3. · In a sympathetic and polite tone of voice, suggest a solution.

Most debtor-frustration is aggravated by the fact that they think nobody is listening

E.g.: Mr Smith is very angry and he says:

“I have always paid my accounts on time and this one month I don’t, you are on my back!"

So, after you have listened attentively, you should repeat his problem in a friendly CARING voice:

“I realise sir that you have in the past always paid your accounts in time, so I was wondering if perhaps you had just forgotten this month. Let me see how I can help you to make another arrangement.”

When making a difficult call

  • Work out beforehand exactly what you wish to say.

  • Stand while making the call – it will help you sound more assertive.

  • Get to the point fairly quickly. (The reason I’m calling is…)

  • Try and drop the pitch of your voice at the end of sentences and phrases – it will make you sound more definitive.

  • Do not stutter or repeat yourself too many times. It shows you are not confident about what you are saying.

From: Debt Collecting and Credit Control Course


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