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Salutation / greeting in an E-mail


Know your audience. Your e-mail greeting and sign-off should be consistent with the level of respect and formality, of the person you're communicating with.

Do Use a Proper Salutation: Remember “Hi” and “Hello” communicate a lack of professionalism.


1) Dear

2) Good Day (or variations such as: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening )


1) Sir / Madam

2) If you know the person's surname, you can use mr, mrs, ms or miss.

TAKE NOTE: When should Miss start with a capital letter?

- Dear miss J Hleko

- Dear Miss Hleko

PS: When writing to the Press (newspapers), the “Dear” is omitted. Simply write Sir or Madam.

Punctuation in the salutation:

In an e-mail there is no punctuation in the greeting. Eg.: No full stop after Mr or comma after Sir.

From: E-mail Etiquette as per Quest Computer Skills Centre Johannesburg

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